Here at Eyecan we have been providing services to support the visually impaired, their friends and families for over 12 years.


This is a core part of our business and we have serviced and repaired many hundreds of machines over the years for schools, local authorities and individual users alike. We are happy to take on servicing and repair of all types of machines but our speciality is the classic ‘Perkins Brailler’, on which we can carry out all level 1, 2 and 3 repairs. Most spares are carried in stock, so we can usually get your machine back to you within a few days. We take advantage of the Royal Mail free postage service for the blind, so you can usually send your machine to us at no cost to you and we are happy to give you a free quotation before we undertake any work.

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We are happy to teach the skill of both reading and writing braille to groups and individuals of all ages.

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Do you want to send a braille birthday card to a visually impared friend? Or maybe you have a braille document that you can’t read and would like it translating? Our document transcription service works both ways around for projects both large or small. So whether it’s a greeting to go inside a card or a manuscript for that book you’ve been writing, we can always help.

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We are always happy to give talks and lectures about our work.

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We can give advice and guidance on living and working with a sight loss as we personally have almost 100 years of living with a sight impairment. We have a wide number of friends and colleagues who we can call on to seek advice and alternative ways of working out solutions to problems. Our experience is not only limited to visual impairment, we can also work with individuals with other needs as well as the loss of sight.

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We also manage another website dedicated to my collections for example novelty memory sticks, braille writing aids and miniature steam engines.