Transcription Service

Braille Transcription


One A4 page of print will result in approximately two pages of Braille


The cost

Working from a price of 1p

per word will give you a starting place. However, there is a minimum charge of £3.

The end price depends on how much work we must undertake to prepare the document for production.

Sending us a document that has had all the formatting and images removed will cost less than a document we must prepare.

A second copy document if ordered at the time of placing your order will be charged at £0.25 per Braille page.


Our Requirements

The request for work will need to be sent with:

Number of copies required.
Contact name and telephone number.
Invoice reference and address including delivery address if different to the invoice address.


We will require your document to be sent in an electronic format. Usually email.

It will need to be in either Microsoft Word or a Text document. A desktop publishing document, or pdf is not acceptable.


Additional Services

We can offer a document lamination and comb binding service for documents that we produce at an additional cost.



Materials can be despatched directly to your customer under articles for the blind at no extra cost, or the current charges for postage will be made in addition to the production cost if the recipient does not have a visual impairment.


If you would like to find out more about having your documents produced in Braille or converted to audio, give us a call, or email us.



Telephone: 07961 406739


Other services

We also offer Braille inserts to fix into your birthday and greeting cards.

These are produced on a clear plastic sheet with an adhesive backing to aid insertion.

The top corner is removed to help aid orientation.

We have some generic wording, or you can request your own verse.

Please note Braille takes more room than print so the size of the card will restrict the amount of text.



Braille is a worldwide code which uses a system of six raised dots and is used to translate many languages into the embossed form.  This is read by running the fingertips over the embossed characters.


Did you know there is also another form of tactile reading?

This is known as Moon, it is much simpler and easier to learn, especially for people that have previously used print.

However, it is very difficult to produce and not many people use it.


Here at EYECAN to compliment our Braille transcription service, we also teach individuals or small groups how to read and write Braille.

If you require tuition, please contact us for more information.


Telephone: 07961406739



Examples of where Braille can be used and found.

Labelling (CDs, DVDs, Canned Food and Letters).
Being able to read just a few Braille letters enables a person to play games.
A shopping list can be made, the keeping of a diary and address book.
All banks, utilities and other businesses should provide statements, bills, and letters in Braille at your request.
You can also get restaurant and pub menus in Braille.
A wide selection of magazines and books are available in Braille too.


Braille can be written at home on a portable handheld frame or desktop machine called a Perkins Brailler, which we also service and repair. It can also be produced on a computer with translation software and a Braille Embosser, a refreshable Braille display can be used with a computer too.