Perkins brailler braille machine servicing


Here at EYECAN we service and repair perkins braillers.



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Are you visually impaired or having sight difficulties? Or experiencing problems not being able to see as well as you used to?

Do you have any employees or work alongside a person with a visual impairment?

Do you want to become independent, or are you someone wanting to assist a family member or friend who is not seeing as well as they used to?

Image viewed with mild cataracts:

Sim Spec View


Do you want to gain skills that will enable you to train for work or become more independent?

Would you like advice on how your work place and its services can be made more accessible to a visually impaired person?


Then we have the right solutions for you, including, Advice & Guidance from other visually impaired people.

We have the means to help you with any or all of these; just explore this website or contact us for more details.


Email: alan@eyecan.org.uk

Telephone; 07961 406739 or an answering machine at 0114 220 7007


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Topics you will find are:


Main menu listing, Braille transcription and production services.

With our section on Perkins braille machines writers.



Main menu listing, Training and tuition for such subjects as Braille learning, hi-tech equipment and visual impairment awareness.



Main menu listing, accessibility, audits for buildings, websites and open spaces

As well as Print, Braille and audio guides to public spaces.



Main menu listing, information as to why we started EYECAN with our skills – abilities.




Here are two videos that you may find interesting:

The first one is myself being filmed for a government public service video.

You will never believe how many times we crossed that road.


Puffin good practice guide video



Here is one where I am training someone to use the ultracane.

This was on the tea time news.


Ultracane news feature video



We also manage another website www.mycollections.org.uk

Here you will find listings for my collection of novelty memory sticks, my Mamod steam models and my extensive collection of Braille writing devices.

Image of a Corgi Carousel:

corgi carousel