Braille Machines

Some random Braille equipment


Here you will find a range of Braille devices for both teaching and personal use.

There are a number of other pages that list machines in the following categories:


Fixed embossing head

Moving embossing head


This is a deaf blind communicator.

A wooden box with two simulated Braille keyboards.

As you press down a dot on one side the opposite dot raises, two people would sit with this between them writing their message.

Pic of deaf communicator;

An egg box.

I use this with ping pong balls in it painted black for contrast.

A new tactile learner can use this to learn the layout of the Braille cell while developing their tactile skills.

Pic of egg box;


A dymo tape Braille gun.

This has a print dial so a sighted person can make labels for a Braille user without having to know Braille themselves.

Pic of dymo gun;

Now we have two key rings.

The first has 3 sections that turn independently, each section has 4 sides. On one side there are 2 dots the opposite side has no dots and the 2 remaining sides having one dot.

Turn the sections to make every Braille dot combination.

The second has a standard Braille cell with pins that are pushed with a style.

You can write anything you like with this up to 6 characters long.

Pics of both keyrings;


Now we have 2 upward writing aids.

The first is a king upward writer.

This is like a traditional hand frame but instead of punching the dots down with a pin type style, you have a style that has a small cup which allows you to push the paper over a raised dot, hard to explain but it does work.

The king pocket frame has 4 lines with about 12 cells.

Pic of king pocket frame.

The second is a device that has a paper roller so you can write on sheets of paper.

This only has one row of about 30 cells with the same method of writing used for the pocket frame.

Pic of large king upward writer.