Data Protection

EYECAN Data Protection Policy

Updated: March 2020
Back ground.

EYECAN is a small business that works with the ethics of a social enterprise and a community interest company. All the profits go back in to developing our skills and knowledge to help us support other visually impaired people.

What personal data do we keep?
  1. Your name
  2. Your email address
  3. Your telephone number’s
  4. Your postal address
  5. A record of products or services we have provided
Why do we keep this?
  1. So we can contact you to follow up requests for help and support with products and information relating to goods or services we have provided or to respond to your requests.
  2. So we can inform you of changes and updates to training, product updates and in the case of product recalls.
  3. To be able to comply with legislation for businesses and the requirements for HMRC.
Who has access to this information and how it is stored?

I Alan Thorpe am the keeper of this information. My support worker is also able to access it to assist me with the running of the organisation.

Sandra Brasher also has access to information related to the business, so she can answer questions and return emails or telephone calls to assist with the running of the business.

Information is stored primarily on an external hard drive that is only connected to the computer when such information is required. Contact details are stored in a password protected document.

However, emails are accessible from a pass-worded computer.

Some hard copy documents such as invoices are kept in a lockable storage box.

We keep no paper documents or electronic copies of individuals personal needs or any other identifying details.

As we are a small intimate organisation any additional personal information is only stored in my head.

How long do we keep data for?

We keep printed copies of invoices – records for HMRC for the required time for HMRC.

We keep name, telephone and email contacts as an ongoing basis, as we do not keep any note of when the details were given to us we would find it impossible to remove them after a given amount of time.

What we keep this information for?

We keep copy invoices, so we can look back on our records for equipment and services to ensure we meet the requirements for HMRC. Also, so we can look back on your request for products we have provided, if there becomes a need to produce documents for insurance claims.

As stated above we will remove documents once the requirements for HMRC has passed, at the end of the following financial year.

Name, email and telephone contacts are retained to allow us to pass on information, relating to visual impairment. To customers, providing the information is relevant and has an impact on your equipment and well-being.

Who do we share information with?

We do not and will never sell your details to anyone.

We will only share contact details with organisations that may request them if a safe guarding issue becomes necessary.

We will only pass on your details to a third-party organisation once we have contacted you to ensure that you give permission to do so, as we understand the difficulties in taking down telephone numbers and email addresses with a visual impairment.

Keeping records up to date

We will only keep details that were in use last time we contacted you, we will not seek out up to date information unless there is a need for such a product recall.

You have the right to request information regarding to the data we store on you, such as copy invoices, name, address and contact details such as telephone numbers and email.

You can request the removal of your details from our records, however we will need to keep a copy of any invoices for the time requirements to comply with the HMRC rules.

You can do this via an email request or talking to us on the phone.

Details are.

07961 406739

If you have any questions relating to this policy, please contact us and we will endeavour to answer your request as soon as possible.