Braille Hand Frames


Below are phots of a range of hand frames with a short description of their use.



A Four Cell Hand Frame for marking banknotes

Simply slide your bank note between the two sides of this frame and then using a style press out the Braille dots to mark the value of the note.


A Single Line Hand Frame

This is a single line frame of approximately 12 cells; I have never tried using it but perhaps good for embossing on narrow strips of self adhesive tape.




A 2 Lined Jumbo Cell Hand Frame

This one is used to make Braille cells larger than the normal cell size. Perhaps for someone starting to develop their sense of touch.




A 4 Lined Hand Frame produced by Perkins

This is a four lined full width frame, would have about 120 cells.




A 4 Lined Hand Frame made from plastic

This is rather like the Perkins frame above but is made from plastic.




A Hand Frame with signature guide

Here is a small frame with about 15 cells and 5 rows, a large cut out at the bottom to use as a signature guide, made from alloy.




An example of a Postcard sized Hand Frame

This is also made from alloy but a bit larger than the previous example but no signature guide.




A 27 Lined Hand Frame

This is about the size of an A4 sheet of paper. Also made from plastic.




A Slate and Style Hand Frame

This is one of the older styles of hand frames.

It has a brass paper clamp and grid, the grid section moves down the slate and locates in holes drilled in to it.




Styles and Erasers

Here we have a collection of styles; there are mushroom, saddle and other types. The name is usually referring to the shape of the small handle, which has a thin pointed metal rod extending from it, which is used to produce the dots in a hand frame. And an eraser used for smoothing down dots when a mistake has been made.